Advanced Design Concepts and Practice Workshop      

Beijing, China, November 19-21, 2017


 Advanced Design Concepts and Practice

Beijing, Novemver 19-21, 2017


Prof. Ji Linhong, Tsinghua University

Prof. Michel van Tooren, University of South Carolina


Tsinghua University

Mechanical Design Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Beijing Institute of Technology


MOE International Joint Laboratory of Innovative Design and Manufacturing of Advanced Mechanical systems 教育部高端装备创新设计制造国际合作联合实验室

Introduction to the workshop  Post   pdf

ADCP workshop series offers a forum for presentation and discussion to bring advanced theories and technologies to the design and simulation of complex equipment and products, with a focus on computational design and evaluation methods and tools.

ADCP2017 will be held as a special track of the 2017 International Conference of Mechanical Design & the 19th Mechanical Design Annual Conference (ICMD 2017). The theme of ADCP2017 is Design inspired by Biology and Nature. Topics include but not limited to:

l   Design process and algorithms inspired by biology and nature

l   Design for programmable behaviors and structures and DNA origami

l   Knowledge based engineering (KBE)

l   Design agents

l   Design grammar and design language

l   Design of intelligent systems

l   Design modeling of cyber physical systems

l   New generation design systems

Other topics see 2017 International Conference of Mechanical Design call for papers

Call for papers (closed)

Papers relevant to these topics (but not limited) are invited to submit to the workshop through ICMD 2017 paper submission system. Accepted papers will be invited to present at the workshop and published in ICMD2017 proceedings. Selected papers will be published on journals listed on ICMD2017 webpage. Both papers in English and in Chinese are welcome. Please submit abstracts and full papers through ICMD2017 submission system:

Paper Template Chinese English

Paper publication: All submitted papers will be sent to experts for blind review. Invited papers will be published on a journal.

Call for participants

Participants both with and without paper publication are invited to ADCP2017 for presentations and discussion. Presentations without paper publication need to submit abstracts to ADCP2017 track of ICMD 2017. Selected abstracts will be invited to present at ADCP2017. Participant and presentation intention please send message to ADCP2017 by email: with subject “ADCP2017 participant or presentation”. 

Important Dates:
Submission of Full Paper & Invited Session Papers: May 17, 2017 
Notification of Paper Acceptance:                              May 31, 2017
Submission of Final Manuscript:                                June 30, 2017

Registration:                                                               June 10-September 15, November 19, 2017

ADCP workshop information is as follows:

ADCP2011 in Beijing on July 6-8 th, 2011

ADCP2012 in Karlsruhe, Germany, on May 8 th, 2012

ADCP2013 in Beijing on August 16 th, 2013

ADCP 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany, 26 th September 2014

ADCP2015 in Hangzhou, September 18-20 th, 2015

ADCP2016 in Columbia, SC, USA, August 24-25th, 2016.

Season workshops include:

ADCP2012 Summer Workshop held at TU Delft on August 17 th, 2012

ADCP2012 Fall Workshop held in Beijing on November 8 th, 2012

ADCP2014 Spring Workshop held in Beijing, March 28 th, 2014 

ADCP2014 Summer Workshop was held in Beijing on June 24 th, 2014

ADCP2015 Winter Workshop was held in Beijing on December 3rd. 2015
ADCP2016 Summer Workshop was held in Aix-en-Provence, France on 9th May, 2016.



Dr. Hou Yuemin
Lab room 1043, Lee Shau Kee S&T Building
Design Institute, Mechanical Engineering Department. Tsinghua University
Tel: +86 (10) 62773470



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