Advanced Design Concepts and Practice Workshop      

Beijing, China, November 19-21, 2017


Prof. Tan Jianrong                           Prof. Ji Linhong                   Prof. Michel van Tooren
  Zhejiang University                      Tsinghua University             University of South Carolina

Academic Committee
Professor Ashok K. Goel, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 
Professor Chen Li, Tsinghua University, China 
Professor Chen Liping, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China 
Professor Chris Paredis, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 
Professor Dieter Roller, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Professor Giorgio Colombo, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Professor Han Xu, Hunan University, China 
Professor Imre Horvath, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands 
Professor Ji Linhong, Tsinghua University, China 
Professor John Gero, University of North Carolina, USA 
Professor Liu Yusheng, Zhejiang University, China 
Professor Liu Zhenyu, Zhejiang University, China
Professor Luo Xin, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China 
Professor Michel van Tooren, University of South Carolina, USA 
Professor Ming Xinguo, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China 
Professor Offer Shai, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 
Professor Panos Y. Papalambros, University of Michigan, USA 
Professor Karthik Ramani, Purdue University, USA
Dr. Sean Hanna, University College London, UK 
Dr. Stephen Daniels, Dublin City University, Ireland 
Prof. Tan Jianrong, Zhejiang University, China 
Prof. Jin Yan, University of Southern California, USA
Professor Tetsuo Tomiyama, Cranfield University, UK 
Professor Yongsheng Ma, University of Alberta, Canada 
Dr. Zoltan Rusak, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Dr. Hou Yuemin, Tsinghua University, China 

Program committee

Chair:     Liu Yusheng
Members: Hou Yuemin, Liu Zhenyu, Chen Yong


Introduction to the Chairs

Professor TAN Jianrong

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Zhejiang University

Professor TAN Jianrong is a master of engineering, doctor of science, Qiushi Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang University, academic advisor of doctoral students, academician of CAE, director of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Zhejiang University, deputy director of national key CAD & CG laboratory of Zhejiang University, institute director of engineering and computer graphics of Zhejiang University, principal of teaching base of national foundation course of engineering graphics of Zhejiang University, vice chairman of China Engineering Graphics Society (CEGS), member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), deputy director of sub-committee of mechanical subject of Teaching & Research Association of National Institutions of Higher Education and director of educational steering committee of engineering graphics of the Ministry of Education.
He is mainly occupied in researches on mechanical design and theory, digital design and manufacturing. He has combined the technical working experience of 15 years in machinery manufacturing enterprise with the theoretical basis of doctor of science, put forward the design technique of mass customization that combines mass production with customization, simulation technique integrating digital mockup with modeling in engineering transition state, fuzzy state and random state, analysis technique of complex equipment’s multi-unit connection, multi-level configuration and multiple parameters matching with a combination of numerical value and geometry. Has won 4 national-level awards, including 2 second prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress, 1 national first prize and 1 second prize for excellent teaching results. He also won 6 provincial and ministry-level prizes for progress in science and technology. By solidifying technologies in software, he developed and obtained 12 copyrights of computer software and successfully applied them in a batch of manufacturing enterprises. His 8 monographs or compilations have be published and 142 papers have been searched by SCI/EI and cited for 1,600 times, and 48 representative papers thereof have been cited for 746 times.


Professor Ji Linhong
Associate Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department 
Tsinghua University

Professor Ji Linhong obtained his Ph.D at Tokyo University and BSc and MSc at Tsinghua University. He is the associate Dean of the Department of Precision Department & Mechanology at Tsinghua University. His research focuses on simulation and dynamics of Equipment, technology.He has published more than 150 papers and holds more than 20 patents on rehabilitation robots and mechanical devices. The research topics include the complication of mechanical system and human-robot combined system and design, through characteristic extraction, variables modeling, performance analysis, and design optimization, to fulfill function, performance, reliability realization on real target. Related projects: 1) “Hard X-Ray Modulation telescope HXMT” project; 2) “Kinetic Analysis and Experiment technologies of Complicated Spacecraft” project ; 3) “Design and Analysis of Car Load System” project;4) the “Analysis, Evaluation, and Optimization of KT-1PS Small Satellite” project. 5) “Multi-Subjects Design Theory and technique Research on Multi-Functional Mechanism of Satellite” project (Aerospace fund project).

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Professor Michel Van Tooren
Professor and Director Aerospace Studies, Mechanical Engineering Department
University of South Carolina, USA

Prof. Michel van Tooren obtained his PhD at Delft University on Composite Fuselage Design in 1998. After positions as researcher and assistant professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, he became full professor Systems Integration Aircraft in 2002. In 2010 he accepted a job in industry as manager New Concept Development at Fokker Aerostructures BV. He combineed this with a part-time appointment as professor Systems Integration Aircraft at the section Flight Performance and Propulsion of the Delft University of Technology. In addition he is member of the scientific board of the NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Laboratories), member of the Technical Committee Multi-disciplinary Design and Optimization, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Prof. Michel van Tooren currently holds the position of professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing of University of South Carolina, USA. Dr. Van Tooren's research interest include Design Automation, Knowledge Based Engineering, Alternative aircraft concepts, Composite aircraft fuselages, Aircraft Certification, Systems Engineering and Road vehicle aerodynamics.

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