Advanced Design Concepts and Practice Workshop      

Beijing, China, November 19-21, 2017


Invited lectures:  

  1. On design and design evaluation in a design compiler, Dr. Stephan Rudolph, University of Stuttgart
  2. Design and Engineering Engines, Dr. G. La Rocca, TU Delft
  3. Application of Similarity Comparison Methods in Product Design Procedures, Leila Zehtaban, University of Stuttgart
  4. Physical interaction with airborne virtual models, Prof. Imre Horvath, TU Delft
  5. Simulation of interaction in virtual worlds, Dr. Zoltan Rusak, TU Delft
  6. Introduction to the integrated Product engineering Model – iPeM, Leif Marxen, KIT
  7. A generic framework for design in relation to complexities, Prof. Michel van Tooren, TU Delft
  8. Product life cycle simulator integrated with "Service CAD", Prof. Tomiyama, TU Delft
  9. Multi-disciplinary complex systems design, Tetsuo Tomiyama
  10. Knowledge Based Engineering: generative modeling for multidisciplinary design, G. La Rocca
  11. Contact&Channel-Approach (C&C-A), and advanced method for both analysis and synthesis of technical systems, Leif Marxen



 International Conference on Multi-Fields Modeling, Processing Simulation and Design of IC Equipment

1. Theories and methods on Multi-fields modeling

2. Multidisciplinary design and optimisation of processing chambers of IC equipment

3. Advanced methods and tools of processing simulation

4. Simulation technology on IC equipment

5. Application of concurrent computing and artificial intelligence on multidisciplinary optimisation, simulation and design

6. Hardware and software on interaction design

7. Virtual design and assembling of IC equipment

8. Evaluation technology and methods


Workshop on Advanced Design Concepts and Practice

1. Multidisciplinary optimization

2. Collaborative design

3. Product design theory and methods

4. Design reuse

5. Product models for life-cycle engineering

6. Interaction design and design visualization

7. Intelligent design and autonomous design

8. Advanced methods and tools for design and simulation of manufacturing equipments


Enterprise Forum on IC Equipments: Processing, Simulation, Design and Manufacturing


  1. Design methods and tools of processing design of IC equipments
  2. Processing parameter simulation of processing chambers of IC equipments
  3. Test design of processing
  4. Design methods and tools of design of IC equipments
  5. Optimisation technology and tools of key elements of IC euipments


 Seminar 1

 Engineering complex systems with graph-based design languages? A personal view of future aspects of engineering knowledge processing based on the design compiler 43 experience”

 Lecturer: Dr. Stephan Rudolph, University of Stuttgart


Seminar 2

 3D Shape searching Techniques”

 Lecturer: Ms. Leila Zehtaban, University of Stuttgart

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